Harrison Weinerman

I'm a developer and designer
of apps for iOS and OS X.

WWDC 2014
Student Scholarship Recipient from Apple

Apple Certified
Technical Coordinator, Support Professional, Associate in Mac Integration

My latest projects.

Continuity Keypad

Continuity Keypad, developed by Eytan Schulman and I, is an app built for OS X Yosemite that makes dialing numbers simple. Simply enter a number, or start typing a name to search your contacts. Then, Continuity Keypad places the call, even avoiding the OS X's pesky "Confirm Call" popup. Learn more at continuitykeypad.co

Mendham High School

I developed this app for my high school. It keeps track of the complicated rotating bell schedule, letting students know what classes are up next and when they have lab periods. It also shows the school calendar, announcements, faculty director and links to the online gradebook and LMS. Download on the App Store.

Lake and Wetland Connect

Lake and Wetland Connect is a custom app built for Lake and Wetland Management, a Florida franchise that provides maintenance to artifical ponds and wetland preserves. It replaces paperwork for agents in the field and interfaces with the Aplicor 3C API to submit data and send field reports to customers via email. Learn more about Lake and Wetland.

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